Hoop Ring Toss
Hoop Ring Toss

Hoop Ring Toss

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How classic is a ring toss game? I can remember playing this game at many events as a child. It a great hand and eye coordination exercise and gets the children in the competitive spirit. 

This product is made up of plastic. It is recommended that this game is played outside, so that your children can challenge themselves from various distances. 



Age Range: Great for children 6 years old or older
Dimensions and Size: Circle diameter: 13 CM; Column height: 17 CM; Column width: 2 CM;  Base:40*5*2 CM; Weight: 200 g (about)
Packaging:1 SET Includes: one base, five colored columns, five sets of rings

Set up: After the base is cross-mounted, the column is inserted into the circular hole of the base.

How to Play: After the fixing is completed, the child stands at a certain distance and throws the color ring to cover the column. A seemingly simple game requires the child to pay attention to the coordination of the hand and the distance, the estimation of the distance, the judgment of the position, and the strength of the throw to land the ring on the base.



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